The Best Mobile Apps To Track Your Energy Usage

489633618Of all your household bills, we reckon that the one which causes the most consternation is probably the energy bill. Not only is it galling that the price keeps going up, when the oil price goes down, but despite appliances claiming to be more efficient, for some reason your consumption stays more or less at the same level!

To help get control of your energy consumption, we recommend that you start noting down how much you are using, globally, and across your household appliances.

After all, you can’t control it if you don’t track it!

Tracking Energy through Energy Usage Apps

Most of the apps on the market work in a similar fashion: you have to enter information from your utility bills, and meters, and they give you a breakdown of how much your energy costs.

Over time, you can build up a pretty good picture, using something like the Energy Tracker app (iTunes) or Energy Consumption Analyzer (Google Play).

Once you have the usage trends, you can begin to see where energy waste might be occurring, and measure the effect of your new, well-intentioned, ‘unplug everything’ energy saving regime.

But, there’s one more app you might need to help see if you’re really having the intended effect!

Calculating & Estimating Energy Usage

While the trends highlighted by the apps above are useful, you can go one step further and try to estimate how much of that energy goes on each appliance.

Using the Energy Cost Calculator app, for example, you can use the manufacturer’s information to find out how much the appliance will cost per hour.

So, for an appliance that operates 24/7 (like a refrigerator), you can estimate how much, on average, it contributes to your total energy consumption. Since turning these off isn’t really an option, you know that you need to turn elsewhere for the remaining energy efficiencies.

Installing smart appliances and monitoring hardware that can track actual usage (for example, for TVs in standby and games consoles) in conjunction with their mobile apps is also a great way to get on top of energy saving.

Keep following the Air & Heating Guru for more top tips on saving money and increasing energy efficiency in the home and office.

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