How To Install A Window Air Conditioner

116037767It can be hard to beat the heat in the summertime, and for those who want to install a portable air conditioner in their home, you will need directions on how to install a window air conditioner, a few simple tools and supplies, and the ability to follow a few directions. You should do just fine following the steps outlined here and available online (see website below). There is a lot you do; staying cool is mandatory when the heat waves come. You can be sure you will cool off when you install your own portable air conditioner. So, let’s take a look here:

Measure the window in question, making sure that it will fit the air conditioner and is large enough to be able to do so. Open the window and install the mounting brackets carefully onto the windowsill. Screw one end onto the sill itself, and then adjust the center screw on the bracket, positioning the air conditioner so that it is completely level. You should use a level to make sure it is level. If there is a lip on your window frame, place wood stripping on the exterior window sill to compensate for it. The wood strip should be level and provide stability and stabilize the window lip.

Set the unit in the window moving it onto the mounting brackets. Push back the top lip of the unit until it reaches the pane. Pull the extensions on the sides of the unit, until they are fully extended and flush to the sides of the windows. Take the screws that came with the air conditioner, and attach the side panes to the frame of the window. Look around the unit where the surfaces of the window and the air conditioner meet and use foam stripping to create a seal in the open areas.

A few final steps: make sure to go to the outside of your residence and use caulking around the air conditioner to guard against bugs, dirt, rain, etc. that could enter your home. Connect your air conditioner to a grounded outlet, this will protect from power surges tripping your breakers.

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