Hybrid Heating Systems Explained

476133915Though a simple fan could work in place of a more elaborate solution, such a device only pushes indoor air around. This doesn’t offer much of a choice in terms of heating and cooling. When looking for cost-effective and energy efficient ways of heating and cooling a home, one could consider hybrid heating systems.

Typical HVAC systems work by reducing fossil fuels, which leads to wastage and increased utility bills. A hybrid system incorporates changes in temperature to improve efficiency and uniformly distribute heat throughout the house. When looking for such an improved alternative, a homeowner first needs to understand the system’s operation.

The Hybrid Heating Concept

Contrary to conventional HVAC units which combine an air conditioning unit with a heating furnace, a hybrid system uses a heat pump in place of an AC unit. When it’s hot outside, the heat pump acts in place of the air conditioner to cool the house. During the cold season, it works to heat the home. The system also monitors changes in temperature to adjust energy consumption, which improves efficiency.

How the Systems Save Energy

One way in which efficiency is achieved is by the heat generation method. Instead of fuel, a hybrid system uses special refrigerants to change indoor temperature. Uniform distribution of heat and cooling is achieved with the help of fans that use direct current. This is a more efficient alternative to conventional fans that use PSC motors.

Generally, such a system could help a homeowner save about 3-4% in annual energy costs. One should however consult a utility provider to help them determine if a hybrid system would realize these benefits. We can perform an analysis to determine if shifting to a hybrid system would be cost effective in terms of energy savings.

Heating systems have improved in energy efficiency and cost effectiveness over the years. Still, one should always strive to improve their energy efficiency wherever technology permits. This helps in energy conservation and preservation of the environment. By minimizing HVAC costs and minimizing the carbon footprint, hybrid heating systems could help in realizing a sustainable future.

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