Dual Pane Home Window Replacements Can Conserve Energy

176567656Typical double glazing windows have 2 glass panes with a space separating them. When the weather is right, it would be worth replacing conventional windows in a home with dual pane windows. Besides energy conservation, there are several other benefits of installing these windows.


Double pane windows are ideal for extreme weather. Due to their distinct construction, they offer additional protection from the elements. They’re also sealed to prevent wastage of heat or cool air from the house. Even in milder climates, one could reduce leakages by about 50%.

As a result, utility bills will surely drop. Despite the extra installation cost, the efficiency and enhanced comfort will mean better value for money.  Double glazed windows also possess a unique aesthetic appeal.

Reduced Condensation

Double glazed windows are less prone to formation of condensate on the interior pane. The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) has a rating system based on total performance, part of which entails condensation resistance. These windows are usually rated using numbers ranging between 0 and 100. A higher CR (Condensation Rating) indicates better quality.


When looking for double glazed windows, one needs to be cautious about the materials. Window quality is largely dependent on the materials. A good window needs to be tough; one needs to enquire if the supplier offers a no-break guarantee.

Selecting a good dual pane window involves some thought. There are various designs for such windows. Some of the options available include bay windows, patterned glass, single horizontal sliding windows, picture window and double hung or double slider windows.

Most dual pane windows are designed in a way that fortifies the back frame which is kept closed so that it can support the double pane. To know which provides the most benefits to a particular house, it’s important to consult a licensed window expert. This especially applies to those who want to redesign the appearance of their house in addition to installing double glazed windows.

Homeowners whose houses are located in areas with extreme climates are advised to consider dual pane windows. We would be happy to provide some assistance in terms of assessing needs, utility and budget usage as well as providing a free estimate.

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