Benefits of Installing Skylights


Skylights are beautiful additions to any home, office, or industrial building, though skylights can offer a great many other positive benefits. Not only to skylights add aesthetic  value to an interior, but you can expect to benefit from a skylight installation in the following ways:

Reduced Lighting Energy Consumption

Just as energy efficient windows in your home will allow more light into the home — without having to use electrical light — and energy efficient windows let less heat into the home, an energy efficient skylight can provide all of those benefits, only the skylight will be installed in the ceiling. On average, skylights can save up to 10% of electrical costs per month over the cost of using indoor lighting.

Reduction of Indoor Mold

As you may or may not know, mold that can grow in your home tends to like to live and grow in damp, dark places. Not only can the skylight provide more sunlight, but the latest models of skylights can release rising heat that would have otherwise turned to condensation near the ceilings and could have created perfect conditions for mold.

 Get More Vitamin D

The more natural and healthy sunlight that reaches your skin, the more vitamin D that your body can produce. Skylights not only let in more natural sunlight into the home, but also block UV rays — which can be harmful to skin. With more natural light, your body will be able to better regulate sleep patterns, you will have more energy, and can possibly stave off sicknesses with increased vitamin D.

 Interior Lighting Makes Your Home Look More Appealing

Synthetic lighting from fluorescent, incandescent and energy saving light bulbs can make your home interiors look drab or unappealing. Natural light helps colors, shades and contours look more natural and unfiltered. The result is more handsome interiors.

Consider a skylight in your home today; the latest skylights not only offer the above-referenced benefits, but are affordable and come in beautiful styles and dimensions.


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