Keeping Your Home Cool With Insulation and Best Energy Practices

121282364If you are wondering whether home insulation plays a role in increasing your home’s cooling, the answer is yes. Insulation does keep your home cool as long as your home has adequate and properly installed insulation materials. If you are unsure what insulation your home needs, contact your local HVAC contractors in your area; they will be able to perform a whole home energy audit that will give you the best idea of your insulation needs. Proper insulation will allow you to cool your home without spending as much money on cooling equipment or utility bills.

During sweltering temperatures, the exterior of every building is usually hotter than its interior unless there are trees or other features that create wind-like conditions or cast shadows. However, if and when a building has numerous openings, the outdoor heat can seep into a building’s interior, heating indoor air and reducing the efficiency of a running air conditioner. Sealing such openings, especially under the door, around the windows and other openings, is one insulation activity that can help keep a home cool. It is also important to seal leaking HVAC systems ducts.

Other home insulation that can keep your home cool should comprise the hanging of curtains on windows, doors and transparent/ translucent walls to minimize the penetration of Sun rays into the interior of your home. Indoor temperatures may be raised by the heat that seeps indoors through conduction and or radiation processes. To minimize conduction heat transmission, you should contact us to install thick woolen or other non-conductive material carpets on the floor and walls of your home as these materials minimize heat conduction from hot surfaces to the interior of your home. Radiant barriers should also be properly installed to contain radiant heat; radiant barriers are mostly installed in the attics where the already heated air is contained and restricted from seeping into other rooms of your home.

Home insulation can help keep your home cool, saving you extreme utility bills and excessive operation duration of your air conditioner. Contact your local HVAC contractors to get a quote on whole home energy audits, and follow us at The Air and Heating Guru for more information on insulation, HVAC, home, and more.

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