Proper Handling And Storage Of Propane Tanks

Everyone who uses propane should be knowledgeable about how to properly handle and store it. This applies to workplace as well as residential properties. Propane is a dangerous gas, therefore one should handle it with care and caution. The very first thing that you should familiarize yourself with is the smell of propane, this way you will be able to tell when a leak occurs. To know what propane smells like, contact your propane distributor for a scratch-and-sniff card and use it when you’re not having allergies or cold or conditions that could affect your sense of smell.

As far as handling of store propane tanks or cylinders is concerned, the valve should be in closed position whenever the tanks or cylinders are not in use. By developing this simple habit, you will be able to substantially decrease the chances of propane spillage. It is also advisable to not keep extra propane cylinders in the house because a single cylinder is powerful enough to destroy the entire house in case of mishaps. Also, you should keep an eye on your cylinder in order to be able to tell when it is empty and when to refill it.

As far as store propane tanks is concerned, these should be kept in a cool and well-ventilated location. In other words, they should be kept in the grade of the yard and away from lower areas like the open basement window. This is because propane weighs more than air, therefore should it escape the store propane tanks then it would drop lower than air and pour into a hole or the ankle-height in case of plain terrains.

Storing propane cylinders or tanks in the basement or garage is a huge no-no. The rule of thumb here is to avoid storing these cylinders in places where escaped propane gas can build up. In case your cylinder has become weathered then it is advisable to get a new canister. Never use a canister that has peeling paint, dents or corrosion as this would increase the chances of the propane gas cylinders exploding.

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