What Is Radiant Floor Heating?

Staying warm during a cold winter night is a lot harder than just grabbing a bunch of quilts or tapping up the thermometer. Being warm is a major part of being comfortable, and it’s fully possible to have the heat too high (drying out the air and making you uncomfortable) while cold air drafts into the house and keeps your feet freezing.

Radiant floor heating is an intriguing solution to this common problem. This is a way to make sure your toes and feet stay warm and cozy while providing heat in a way that is less likely to really dry out the air or cause you to overreact when it comes to adjusting for the winter blues. But that brings up an obvious question: what is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating refers to having a heating source underneath the actual floor. This causes heat to come up through the floor, keeping floor boards warm and since heat rises, helping to keep the rest of the home comfortable, as well. Now in modern times, the two most common types of radiant floor heating come from electric sources or from hot water or hydroponic sources. Hot water through proper tube systems can work or even a bit of electricity when done right, can give you all the warmth you need without hammering out a furnace that dries out the air.

Historically, the idea of radiant air goes all the way back to Roman times, however modern architecture suggests bonfires in the basement probably aren’t the best idea – especially since most floors aren’t built with marble.

Radiant floor heating is popular because it often creates a much more even heating that homeowners enjoy. However one of the obvious downsides is that once flooring is in place, it’s harder to get an efficient system installed. That means radiant flooring is hard to pull off without new construction or a completely brand new house (or thorough remodeling). This isn’t an upgrade to your house that can be done easily in a couple days.

If you want to know more about radiant floor heating or other awesome tips for keeping your home running efficiently!

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