The Best Places To Store Fire Extinguishers In Your Home

During a fire outbreak, time is usually your worst enemy. Fire can go from small to uncontrollable in just 60 seconds and you’ll need to act fast when you notice it. It is recommended that you place fire extinguishers around the house in such a way that you can gain access to them within the first 6 seconds. This article provides you with tips on where to store fire extinguishers.


Study shows that approximately 60 percent of fires start in the kitchen. This is to be expected since the kitchen is where fire is used the most. Having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen is of paramount importance.

Master Bedroom

According to research, 87 percent of fire related deaths happens during the night. If a fire was to breakout in another part of the house without your knowledge, then having a fire extinguisher in the master bedroom can help save lives.


It is normal for people to store items such as gas, oil or paint in the garage or workshop. These contents are highly flammable and can create uncontrollable fire within minutes. Storing a fire extinguisher in this part of the house can help prevent damage to property as well as save lives.

Laundry Room

Drying clothes in the laundry room can also cause fires if proper precautions are not taken. Lint, which is highly flammable, can collect around the lint trap and dryer and pose a threat. Make sure you clear the dryer’s exhaust tube of all lint every 6 months and store a fire extinguisher around this part of your house.

Grill Patio

The hot coal and grease found on grills can easily start a fire which can spread to the deck and house. It is therefore wise to have a fire extinguisher ready in case of an accident.


Home heating is one of the major causes of fires at homes. While most of the fire in this part of your home is in the furnace or wood stove, fireplaces can easily start chimney fires which can be dangerous if not controlled.

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