Tips To Help Reduce Excessive Dust In The Home

459934221Those who are allergic to dust need to come with up with effective ways to remove excessive dust buildup in their homes. Dust is still annoying, unpleasant and unhealthy even if you aren’t allergic to it. The only way to get optimal results when trying to remove excess dust is focused cleaning after taking your entire home into consideration . That said, here some great tips to reduce dust in your home.

Vacuum regularly. You should do vacuum cleaning every day to remove excess dust or do it at least twice a week. Using your vacuum attachments, get behind fixed furniture and into corners.  Also vacuum around door frames and skirting boards, as well as mats and rugs. Get around the toilet, under bookcases and under beds. You must vacuum everywhere since dust settles everywhere.

Keep your ceiling fans clean. Dust quickly settles on ceiling fans in huge amounts. When you turn your ceiling fans on, they blow dust over the entire room. Using a duster, clean your ceiling fans thoroughly on a regular basis.

Remove dust from couches and mattresses. Dust easily settles into the material, and it’s released into the air every time you sit or lie on a mattress or couch. The best way to remove dust from couches and mattresses is to take cushions and mattresses outside and bang them to get out the dust.  Or you can clean them with the brush attachment on a vacuum. Protect your mattresses from dust using mattress protectors.

Polish furniture with dusters and clean cloths. If use the same dirty cloth to wipe your furniture, you’ll be putting the old dust back. It’s best to use a damp cloth to remove dust as the dust will stick to it.

Close doors and windows and watch out for gaps. Although its necessary to open windows regularly to let fresh air in, doing so every so often will bring in dirt and dust from outside. Check your windows and doors to see if there are gaps. Block all of the gaps you find.

These tips have been proven to reduce excessive dust at home, so you should give them a try.

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