Easy Ways To Cut Air Conditioning Energy Costs

507317219Rising energy costs, like taxes and death, is inevitable in the long term. However, learning how to minimize your energy consumption can help you keep your month to month energy bills low. The following are some of the tips we normally give consumers to help them minimize their air conditioning costs.

Use Window Coverings to Regulate Indoor Temperatures

Opening and closing drapes, curtains and blinds is one of the oldest forms of air conditioning. During winter, these window coverings should be opened to let in direct sunlight, which will heat up the house. During summer however, you want blinds, curtains and shades closed to keep out direct sunlight, which may continue to raise indoor temperatures. Depending on the season, be sure to use window coverings appropriately to control indoor room temperatures. This will reduce the workload on your HVAC system, thereby helping you cut air conditioning costs.

Install Programmable Thermostats

There are certain times when you can afford to shut down your HVAC system, or at least turn it up or down. You can cut your air conditioning costs by turning off the HVAC system when there is nobody at home. When sleeping at night, you can also turn the heater a few degrees below the current temperature setting because your bedding will keep you warm. We recommend the use of a programmable thermostat, which can be set to turn the system on and off according to your preferences.

Replace Filters Regularly

You can cut your air conditioning costs by replacing air filters regularly. Clogged filters are an obstruction to air movement through the AC. Fan motors, will therefore be forced to work harder to move the required air volume through the system, which will lead to increased energy consumption. Ideally, you should replace filters according to the recommendations of the unit’s manufacturer.

Regular Servicing

Air conditioners normally consume more energy to make up for the reduced efficiency. To ensure that your AC operates efficiently at all times, you may want to consider servicing it on a regular basis. At Airmaxx Heating and Air Conditioning, we are experienced and certified to offer HVAC installation, servicing and repair services.


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