A Few Items Your Home Needs For Fire Safety

134437349Whether you live in a home or apartment, fire prevention should be a top priority. Thankfully, besides the standard smoke detectors and fire extinguisher, there are other items you and your family can use to keep everyone safe.

1. Extension cords are used in most homes. To reduce the chances of an electrical fire, buy extension cords with built-in fire shields. These shields detect overheating or overloading that may lead to fires.

2.  Many home fires begin in the kitchen. One way to prevent such fires is by wearing heat-resistant gloves instead of the usual over mitts and pot holders. Another option is flame-resistant oven mitts.

3. Outlet testers check the electrical system in your home. You simply plug it into an outlet and you will know if the outlets are working properly.

4. For families that do a lot of grilling, a grill pad or rug placed under the grill is a good way to prevent sparks from turning into fires.

5. Many fires in the home start with candles. By using flameless candles, you create ambiance, and get light without running the risk of starting a fire should you forget to blow out a candle.

6. If you want to make the upholstery in your home flame resistant, you can use a fire retardant spray. The spray works on natural and synthetic fabrics, but isn’t recommended for clothing or bedding.

7. Fire escape ladders are a good choice if you live in a house with two or more floors. These ladders fold up, but are immediately available for helping people to safely climb out of windows to reach the ground floor.

8. An escape hatchet can be a lifesaver if you are trapped in a building with no means of escape. The hatchet creates an escape route by breaking through wood, metal, and other materials.

9. An emergency face mask gives you free air to breathe as you make your escape from a fire. Smoke inhalation is also deadly.

Fire safety is crucial for saving lives and property. With the right products on hand, you can prevent fires or safely escape from them.

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