Quick Tips To Make Your Home Pool Safer

147423868Although swimming is a popular activity, it is also dangerous. Unsupervised kids and inexperienced swimmers can suffer serious injuries or die while swimming. For this reason, you should make the swimming pool at home as safe as possible. Here are five quick tips to make your home pool safer:

Pool Alarms

Install an alarm to alert people inside your home if a child or someone falls into your pool. Common types of alarms include gate, perimeter, wearable, and pressure sensitive alarms. A gate alarm is usually attached to a pool gate. It triggers an alarm whenever someone opens this gate.A Perimeter alarm uses laser light technology to set up an invisible fence around a pool. It triggers an alarm when someone breaches this invisible fence. A wearable alarm triggers off an alarm if the wearer gets in a pool of water. You can put this type of alarm around your child’s neck or wrist. Pressure sensitive alarms are usually placed on pool edges with sensors that go into the water. When someone falls into the pool, the resulting pressure wave triggers off an alarm.

Safety Cover

Purchase a safety cover and use it to cover your home pool whenever it is not in use. This can prevent kids or pets from drowning.

Swimming Pool Safety Gear

Purchase and avail safety gear such as lifesavers and Shepard’s hook. Lifesavers come attached to ropes making it easy to throw one to a drowning person and pull him/her to safety. On the other hand, a Shepard’s hook can be attached to a telescopic pole and used to pull a drowning person to safety.

Adult Supervision

You can reduce likelihood of someone drowning in your home pool by having an adult around at all times.

Safety Fence

Install a safety fence around your home pool that is at least 48 inches high. It should also have a child resistant gate that is self-latching and self-closing. This will make it hard for kids to sneak into your pool unsupervised.

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