Maintenance And Checkups May Save You From These Most Expensive Home Repairs

97976279Buying a new home is a complex exercise. Unfortunately, many prospective homeowners fail to inspect for termite and structural problems before the property transactions take place. This can lead to major financial and personal crisis. It is, therefore, important to arrange for a pre–purchase property inspection from a trained, professional, and independent person such as an architect or structural engineer to ensure that the property is safe and sound. Prospective home buyers need to be realistic and methodical when buying a house to avoid serious consequences. The Air & Heating Guru offers excellent tips on what to look out for when buying a home, as well as the maintenance and checkups that can save homeowners from expensive home repairs.

Some of the most expensive home repairs include:

  • Re–stumping: home buyers should get an inkling of this problem if they see flowers shake on the table or hear glasses rattle in the sideboard when they walk through the home. Without proper inspection, it is impossible to get a clear indication of the condition of the stumps.
  • Roofing repairs: although it is one of the most important parts of the house, the roofing receives scant attention from most home buyers. However, roofing faults, such as leaking, poorly fitted guttering, and cracked roof tiles, can cost tens of thousands of dollars and have a major impact the home’s interior as well as the safety of the home’s occupants.
  • Wiring: illegal wiring, often done under the floor or in roof spaces, can be very expensive to fix. Prospective homeowners should, therefore, hire a licensed electrician to inspect the wiring before buying a home.
  • Pest management: when certain homeowners come to the realization that their home is overrun by termites and other pests, and that eradication and repair cost will be too expensive, they opt instead to sell their homes and, sometimes, try to conceal the problem. People who are looking for a new home should take this into consideration.
  • Plumbing, painting, and plastering: these can be major costs, especially in older homes.
  • Rising damp
  • Downpipes and guttering
  • Repairing stormwater drains and sewer pipes

Sometimes, owning a home may feel like owning a never–ending list of things to fix, replace, or do. Fortunately, pre–purchase maintenance and checkups can save homeowners from having to make expensive home repairs. Overlooking small problems can lead to huge repair bills down the road. A professional checkup of the home can assist buyers in knowing the condition of the house and the estimated cost of repairs, which can help them to factor in the costs of repair and maintenance into their budgets and provide them with a good bargaining tool.

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One thought on “Maintenance And Checkups May Save You From These Most Expensive Home Repairs

  1. I have often debated the sanity of buying a home. Sometimes if feels a lot easier to rent and let someone else do the maintenance. Inevitably I lean toward ownership because there is nothing more gratifying than turning a house into a home. Hopefully the challenges don’t crush the long-term goal.

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