Types Of Caulking For Sealing Home Windows

146902406Sealing the windows is one of the best methods of improving your home’s energy efficiency and prevent drafts and leaks. If your windows don’t open or some parts don’t move, you can use caulk to seal them. Window sealing can be done on a temporary or permanent basis.

When buying caulk for your sealing project, you will come across a wide variety in the market and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Therefore, learning about the qualities of some of the caulks available will make it easy to know the one to choose. Here are some types of caulk you should know about:

Latex Caulk

Latex caulk is normally combined with acrylic. There is also acrylic caulk that has the same properties as latex. Latex and acrylic caulks are both water-based and hence don’t contain any volatile chemicals. The caulks can also be cleaned using soap and water. To smoothen the caulk, you have to dampen your finger and then run it along beads of caulk. Unlike is the case with other popular caulks, latex caulk can be painted.

Siliconized Latex Caulk

Siliconized latex is very similar to acrylic latex but has silanes, a type of silicone. This type of latex has similar basic properties to the acrylic latex, but is more resilient and can tolerate severe conditions.

Silicone Caulk

These types of caulks are made from silicone elastomers. The elastomers become very rubbery after the caulk cures. Silicone can withstand all temperatures, is waterproof and cannot form mildew. There are two types of silicone caulks: neutral-cure and acid-cure.

Acid-cure Caulk

Acid-cure is mainly used on non-porous surfaces. The caulk can also be used to seal round actual glass. Neutral-cure is better than acid-cure and can be used on wood. Moreover, the caulk doesn’t corrode plastic or metal and is hence suitable for use on things like vinyl siding.

Nearly all types of silicone caulks are also not as good as the other types of caulks and cannot be painted. However, they have superior waterproofing abilities.

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