Simple Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC System

465269991We are going to keep this simple… Here is a homeowner’s guide to basic regular maintenance for HVAC systems. Check these monthly for the best maintenance habits for your HVAC systems:

Change the Filter Regularly

Before summer begins, install a new filter.  Replace it every three months.  If there is poor air quality near your home, or someone in your family has allergies, it should be replaced more often.

Choose the Right Filters

A pleated synthetic filter may cost a little more, but it is worth the small investment.

Check Your Air Conditioner Frequently

Check the air temperatures near the vents.  If the air filter is clogged, or the AC requires more Freon, there will not be much difference in the temperatures.

Use the Thermostat Correctly

For the best results, set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature, and do not change it.

Keep the Ducts Protected and Clean

Leaks in the ductwork, dust in the ducts, or exposure to too much hot air can cause problems with your HVAC system.  Use insulation to protect ducts on a long-term basis.

Keep Your Outside Unit Clean

Outside units can accumulate debris and dirt.  This can prevent the unit from working effectively, and even ruin the unit.  Remove any debris you notice, and thoroughly clean it with your garden hose at least once per year.

Keep Outside Units Secure

Not only do thieves target AC units, they often steal parts of units.  Hide the unit behind a hedge, and bolt it to its base.

Use the Water Produced By Your Unit

The condensation from your AC unit means plenty of clean, fresh water.  You can collect the water in a barrel.  This water can be used to water your plants, or for other purposes.

Have your HVAC System Checked by a Professional

A professional evaluation and cleaning can prevent many unnecessary problems.  A clean system means your unit will work better, and will take less energy to operate.  Your system will not break down, and you will have lower energy bills.

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