What To Check For When Getting A Security Screen Door

86516004Security is an important factor to consider when purchasing or renting a home. It is also one of the few things that gives one peace of mind when at home or away from home. Therefore it is important for every homeowner to take the necessary measures to ensure his or her home is secure. One of those measures is fitting a security screen door in the home.

Structure of Security Screen Doors

Home security screen doors can have frames made of steel, metal alloy or aluminum. Steel and metal alloy frames are normally strengthened to make them ideal for security doors. On the other hand, aluminum frames must be made wider to gain the required strength.

Steel frames are the best compared to other kinds of frames, since they are 2 to 3 inches wide. This allows for more air flow and visibility. However, they rust over time. Properly treated and powder coated steel frames should last for about 10 years before showing any signs of rusting. On the other hand aluminum doors do not rust, however, they are normally 6 inches wide so as to improve their strength. In addition to this, they more expensive.

Installation of Security Screen Doors

There are two installation types that one can use when putting up a security screen door. There is the flash-mounted installation and tube-frame mount. Both installations provide home security, but flush-mounting has a more natural look to it and is a better seal since there are no gaps around the opening.

Painting or Powder Coating on Security Screen Doors

Paint is the most common form of coating used on security screen doors. However, it is not heat resistant. Therefore, it does not hold up well when exposed to direct sunlight. Powder coating is applied electrostatically and cured using heat. No solvent is used. Therefore the coating is attached firmly onto the frame, which makes it more durable.

There are several other features of security screen doors, apart from frame structure, that one should consider. They include closers, wind chains, sill extensions and mitered corners among others

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