What To Remember When Choosing A New Refrigerator

462072351So your old refrigerator needs replacement and you need to shop for a new one. Thanks to advances in technology and design, your array of options is wider than ever before. Determine exactly what your needs are and you should have no difficulty finding a model that’s right for you. Here are some things to remember when choosing a new refrigerator:

Food Buying Habits

There are people who buy from the grocery a couple of times each week, buying items only as the need arises. Then there are those who buy everything they need in bulk once or twice a month. They shop for the whole family with carts overflowing. The first group can make do with a small refrigerator whereas the second will definitely require a bigger unit to accommodate their purchases. Some might even wish to consider getting a separate freezer for all the meat and other perishable items.

Kitchen Configuration

How the kitchen is configured will definitely be a factor as well. After all, the refrigerator has to fit within the allotted space. You cannot squeeze a large fridge in a tiny kitchen. The doors should have ample room for movement so that they don’t bang into furniture when they are opened. This will lead to visible cosmetic damage and inconvenience for everyone trying to reach in for food.

Refrigerator Design

Modern refrigerator design usually comes in two major types: over-under and side-by-side. In the first type, the small freezer compartment is located at the top while the refrigerator is at the bottom. This arrangement could be reversed in some models and it is up to the buyer to choose which one they prefer.

In the second type, the doors are narrower with one opening to the left and the other to the right. This design lessens the gap required between the refrigerator and other furnishings. Models of this type are usually equipped with a water dispenser which lessens the need to keep opening the doors and wasting energy. On the downside, their narrower frame makes it difficult to store wide items like cakes and boxes of pizza.

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