10 Things That Should Be In Your Home When You’re 30

478703557Your home is your castle whether it is a small bolthole apartment or a sprawling citadel of a ranch home. How you maintain and furnish your home speaks volumes about you. Here are a few things that are necessary to have in your home by age 30.

1. A Real, Quality Sofa155349459

The ratty sofa with the unidentifiable stains on it should be long gone by age 30 and replaced by an extremely comfortable one that tells your guests that you are thinking about their comfort.

2. Grandma’s China

The thing is that your grandmother knows good dishes and you never know when you will need a set of high quality dishes. Grab your Grandmother’s china if the offer arises

3. Crock pot and Dutch Oven

These things are very much worth the investment. They make cooking a hot meal easy. Toss in the ingredients and a few hours later, read after work, it is done!

4. Non-plastic Daily Dishes…

Show some pride in your dinner parties with quality dishes. I personally recommend having a set of glass dishes in your home as they are easy to clean.

5. …unless you have kids or dogs, then plastic is great!

4625414716. Real Candles

They are perfect for special romantic occasion but they are very practical to have in your home.You never know when a storm will knock out the power for an hour or two.

7. A Washer and a Dryer

A full sized set might not be possible or affordable but it is a good idea to have at least a small stacked set. It will save you time and money in the long run, I promise.

8. Matching Wine Glasses

Having a set of matching wine glasses is just stylish and shows a growing level of maturity.

1772840069. Matching Towels

Having these in your home follows the previous principle and shows that you are considering the message that your home sends to visitors.

10. Fresh Flowers

They bring a touch of color and are great for brightening up dark spaces. They also have the added bonus of freshening the air.

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