7 Ways Your Home May Be Making You Sick

The home is a place where most of us feel safe and secure. However, your home could actually be making you sick. Below is a list of some of the ways your home can make you sick:

Heating And Cooling System

Your heating and cooling system helps keep your home comfortable, but it can also cause bacteria and mold to accumulate inside of your house. This can lead to problems such as headaches, allergies and coughing. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied by having the air ducts cleaned by a professional once every few years.

Indoor Leaks

Leaks can contribute to mold growth, which can cause breathing problems. Check your pipes, attics and basements in order to ensure there is no leaks. Call a plumber if you notice any leaks.

Bedroom And Furniture

Your pillows, chairs and mattresses can accumulate dust mites, which can contribute to allergies and asthma. Washing your towels and sheets once a week is a solution to the dust mite problem. You also need to dust and vacuum at least once a week.


If it has been awhile since you washed your bath mat, then now is the time to do so. Bath mats can accumulate dust mites, bacteria and mold. You should also towel off in the tub, so you can prevent your bath mat from being exposed to excess water.


Many people clean the inside of their refrigerator, but they neglect the tray and coils. If you have a newer refrigerator, it may not have a tray underneath it. However, if there is a tray, you should make sure it is cleaned regularly.  You should also clean the coils regularly.

The Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner may be dispersing allergens into the air instead of picking them up. You should select a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which will remove about 99 percent of the particles in the air.

Cleaning Products

The products you use to clean your home could be causing you to have headaches, breathing problems and eye irritation. Make sure you wear gloves and open the windows when you clean with chemicals. You can also use vinegar and baking soda as an alternative to chemical cleaners.

Your home should be a safe place. You can prevent your home from making you sick by making a couple of adjustments in your lifestyle.

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