The Best Ways To Hide Your Home’s A/C Unit

Our air conditioners make life much more comfortable for us in hot summer weather.  Whether you benefit from an outdoor unit that cools your whole house, a wall unit that cools a windowless space or window units that keep everyone cool on scorching days, your A/C is important to your family’s comfort. Unfortunately, A/C units themselves are not generally very ornamental, whether they are outdoor models or interior ones.  When their season of use is over for the year, there are several ways of hiding them in ornamental ways until warm weather comes again.

Outdoor A/C Units

A large outdoor air conditioning unit can be a distraction at best and an eyesore at worst, positioned as it is next to a beautifully designed and landscaped home.  There are several ways to hide one from view. A variety of air conditioner covers are available for sale. These come in a range of sizes and colors. Choose one that will blend with the color scheme of your home’s exterior.   You might also use landscaping to hide the unit. Use plantings of evergreens such as junipers, holly, yew or privet to grow a hedge to hide the A/C throughout the year. Just be sure you can walk comfortably and completely around the unit and the bushes do not impede its airflow.

Another means of hiding your outdoor unit is to install a fence around it.  There should be at least three feet of clearance on each side of the A/C unit so that air can flow properly around it. Leave one side of the fence open or install a gate in it. This allows a repairman access for maintenance checks and servicing.  Choose either solid fencing material or a lovely garden trellis where you can grow hanging vines like wisteria, clematis or plumeria for a lovely decorative effect.

Inside A/C Units

Air conditioning unit covers are made for interior units as well. The slipover covers for interior models also help prevent cold drafts from entering rooms around the A/C unit in the winter.  An adjustable folding decorative screen is an excellent way to cover a wall unit and the area around it. Because of its light weight, a screen is also easy to move when the need arises.  Tall potted plants also work well to strategically hide wall and window units.

The most unique and creative method for hiding an interior wall A/C unit is to put up another curtain pole and set of curtains over the A/C unit to match the ones on the existing windows in the room. This creates the illusion of another window while hiding the unit behind the curtains.

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