Spray Paint – Things You Didn’t Think You Could Spray Paint

Redefining the look of your home is sometimes as simple as applying a coat of paint. A new color can change the character of a room and that color can be applied to the walls, the hardware or the upholstery and drapes. Normally, you go out and buy a can of paint to be applied with a brush, but much of these changes can be made with spray paint saving you a lot of time.

Doorknobs and Cabinet Hardware

To update decorative items in your home, you can change their outward appearance with spray paint. Door knobs and cabinet hardware can be made fresh with a new coat of paint.  For a modern accent maybe a coat of matte silver or glossy black would add interest to your door or drawer hardware.

Chandeliers and Candles

If you have a chandelier that has seen better days, spray paint it.  Just make sure you tape off any electrical points and sockets after removing the light bulbs.  Change your candles’ colors by using spray paint.  Simply use spray milk paint or acrylic paint and mask off the top one-third of the candle including the wick. You can paint the lower two-thirds of the candle creating a multi-color design or painting it a solid color.


Walls are the traditional area targeted for painting when redecorating. Walls can be spray painted too. Using an airless sprayer or a compression sprayer, both solid and patterned walls can be spray painted.  To transfer designs or stencils, apply contact paper to protect the area around the design.  Press it down firmly to prevent paint from getting under the contact paper and then spray.

Upholstered Furniture and Curtains

Using fabric paint in your sprayer, you can successfully change the color or pattern of your upholstered sofas and chairs.  You can also use the same concept to change the look of your fabric curtains or drapes.  Again tape off the area you don’t want to paint and spray on the design.  Remover the tape and enjoy your new upholstery or drapes.

The last thing you would think to paint is those tired looking dried or artificial flowers.  Yes, they too can be revitalized with a coat of spray paint. If they don’t look realistic, exaggerate their artificial characteristics; celebrate it with your favorite colors no matter how unbelievable.

The trick to using color is to have fun with it and use it to bring life to a home that’s no longer appearing bright and cheery. Give new life to the furnishings and other elements in your home. Spray paint is all it takes to make your home seem fresh and new again.

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