Consider Switching From Oil to a Gas Furnace

478965305Numerous energy sources give Americans a lot of choice when it comes to heating their homes. They can turn to electricity, propane, fossil fuels, even alternative sources of power, but the benefits of gas outstrip the benefits of other fuels, especially oil. If you are considering switching from oil to a gas furnace, here are several motivational factors that could encourage you to act.

Reasons to Switch to a Gas Furnace

Oil costs are projected to go up in the coming years. In fact, the past decade has seen the price rise sharply already. The reverse is true of gas. A drop in price is predicted over the next few years.

178499917Depending on where you live, gas bills can be as low as half those of oil fees. Not only is gas cheaper, but the government and some gas companies offer cash-back incentives and rebates which sweeten the deal. In about 5 years, the cost of converting could be paid for.

Where does your furnace fuel come from? If you are using oil, it was probably shipped from overseas or some a global producer. This means delivery and pricing are subject to conditions in its home country. When there is civil or cross-border war, resources are diverted to fighting these battles, not bringing oil to overseas clients. If oil does make it to American consumers, it still has to be transported across the country during all weathers. Hurricanes and winter storms can prevent it from being delivered for days.

Gas is piped directly to households via underground pipes. There is no interruption to service caused by weather and the gas is typically mined from U.S. sources. It does not have to cross borders to arrive at your home.

Of all the fossil fuels, gas is considered the cleanest and most efficient. That means when comparing the use of gas vs. oil for heating a water tank for instance, more of the fuel is converted when using gas. More emissions are created by oil.

Convert to Gas Today!

If your heating furnace is currently powered by oil, now is a good time to consider changing to gas. Utility bills and your carbon footprint will be lighter.

Ready To Make The Switch to  a Gas Furnace?

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