Window Insulating Made Easy and Affordable

179293483Windows with good insulation help keep your home warm during the winter. There is less problem of draft – cold outdoor air seeping in through the gaps in the window frame. Proper insulation of windows is necessary to increase energy efficiency of indoor heating. Your heating system will use less energy when there is effective windows insulation. There are many ways to insulate windows of your home.

Self Sticking Rubber Seals

Self-sticking rubber seals for windows are available at hardware stores. Measure the dimensions of the window and then cut the rubber strip to the required length. Use it to close all gaps around the window and keep out drafts. It does not affect the appearance of your window. It is an affordable window insulation solution.

Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film is a plastic shrink film. Suitable for DIY window insulation, it is available as a kit pack in the hardware store. Use double stick tape to stick it to the indoor side of the window. You have to use a hair dryer to shrink the film. If you want to let the daylight enter the room but not the cold effect of outdoor environment then cellular shades is a good option to insulate windows. For simpler solution, use layered curtains or heavy fabrics to cover the window and keep out draft. If the draft is a big problem then you can use draft snakes. Made of fabric, it is placed on the window sill, under the door and any such sideways to prevent outdoor cold air entering the room.

135173473If you want to keep the warmth of the home inside but let the sun heat enter the room then Low emittance coating is an excellent option. Double and triple window panes with some gap in between are another option to insulated windows. The mid section between the window panes is filled with argon or krypton gas. These insulation options provide excellent insulation but are also more expensive compared to other windows insulation options.

Choose right type of window frames and spacers to avoid heat loss through the window frame. The spacers are used to separate two glass panes. Insulate for winter to make your home comfortable and save on energy bill. There is no use using heating equipment if you do not properly insulate windows of your home. Check back often for more helpful articles.

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